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Gate TITAN v3 Basic Module


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TITAN V3™ is an AEG Control System for V3 gearboxes which will transform your airsoft gun into an advanced training weapon. Adjust your AEG and check the Statistics using USB-Link and GATE Control Station app for PC and Android devices. TITAN V3 enables you to adjust the trigger sensitivity with military precision. The innovative proximity trigger sensor offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and many other useful functions. Give your AEG a new lease of life!

TITAN is not just another drop-in mosfet. It is the complex system that turns your AEG into an advanced training weapon.

Unit type: Drop-in AEG Control System, Gearbox type: V3

Why TITAN is so special?

It has a user-friendly configuration via the GATE Control Station app for Android, Windows and macOS

It is the first and only mosfet allowing for making firmware updates via the internet, what enables improvements

It has the proximity trigger sensor which offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings

It has innovative optical sensors instead of mechanical switches that can be prone to faults

It gives you an access to the Statistics and Rankings (in case of Advanced firmware)

It replicates a trigger response like in a real gun

It is compatible with DSG, SSG and 19-tooth gears

It is compatible with most V3 gearboxes (including cnc) on the market without any modification

It is compatible with most powerful AEG replicas. Check TITAN rankings: https://gatee.eu/rankings


What is a drop-in module? It is an electronic unit, which replaces the trigger contacts and the cut-off lever, which takes control of your AEG.

GATE Control Station™

TITAN and GATE Control Station give you total control of your AEG. The GCS offers you the option to:

control your airsoft gun from smartphone with Android and PC with Windows or macOS

simply adjust the TITAN’s settings

update and upgrade firmware

see the Statistics and participate in Rankings*

perform diagnostics and send reports

*only in case of Advanced firmware


GATE Control Station PC download page.

GATE Control Station Android download page.



TITAN gives you the option to adjust:

Fire selector mode

Pre-cocking mode

Pre-cocking boost

Burst mode


ROF Stabilization

ROF Control

Sniper Delay

Battery protection

Battery cell

Low battery warning

30-rounds limit

Cycle detection

Equalizer (dynamic trigger point)

Active Brake

Gear ratio

Please note that the BASIC firmware edition does not support all the functions 



With the GCS you can easly calibrate and adjust sensors.
The trigger sensor offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings. You can choose one of two trigger modes:

1-stage: standard

2-stage (previously ‘AUG mode’): first stage is SEMI or BURST, second stage is BURST or AUTO

The selector sensor gives you an option for fine calibration of selector switching point. You can also choose between:



AUG TYPE: selector disabled



TITAN gives you the option to check:

Rate of fire

Trigger response

Module’s temperature

Motor current

Battery voltage

Number of fired BBs

Minimum, Average, Maximum
Minimum, Average, Maximum
Minimum, At this moment, Maximum
Average AUTO, Average SEMI, MAX PEAK
Minimum, Last, Maximum

Please note that the BASIC firmware edition does not support the Statistics 



The TITAN is currently available in two firmware editions: BASIC and ADVANCED. In the future, the EXPERT edition will be also available. The table on the left shows differences between the BASIC and ADVANCED firmware editions.

BASIC: The best for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. Economic version with limited number of functions. If you will decide to have more functions, there is always option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED.

ADVANCED: The best for those who like complex solutions. Advanced version with wide variety of functions. It enables access to the Statistics and TITAN World Rankings.

In order to upgrade your TITAN firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED, you need to purchase the upgrade: https://gatee.eu/online-store/online-store-2/titan-advanced-editon-upgrade-detail



The USB-Link allows for connecting GATE devices with PC, smartphones and tablets.



Tactical Programming Card

Configure your TITAN in the field using the outstanding Tactical Programming Card which provides you with very easy access to main TITAN functions.


Please note that the TITAN V3 requires the USB-Link for proper first run, calibration and advanced settings’ adjustment. Tactical Programming Card is not included in a TITAN’s kit, but may be bought separately.


Get ready for the amazing functions such as:


Thanks to the precise proximity sensor you can set trigger sensitivity with military precision. Depending on trigger construction, it enables 150 – 300 possible sensitivity settings. You do not have to disassemble your AEG. Just use the GATE Control Station™ App and adjust the trigger to your preferences and level of skills. 



Two selector sensors allow you to use up to six fire selector modes, including innovative SEMI-BURST-AUTO mode:





SAFE-SEMI-BURST/AUTO (short press – BURST, long press – AUTO)

SEMI-BURST-AUTO (SAFE mode via the fast switch SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)



Thanks to the gear sensor, TITAN precisely detects in which position the cycle should finish. Therefore, even the shortest trigger action produces at least one full cycle.

Thanks to the cycle detection function you get:

Automatic BURST – there is no need to set the burst time. You can set the burst between two and 10 shots;

Automatic PRE-COCKING – pre-cocking is fully operational in SEMI, BURST and AUTO modes and there is no need to set the pre-cocking boost manually. You can simply set the pre-cocking as high, mid or low;

FULL CYCLE – when the pre-cocking is off, TITAN ensures that the gearbox completes a full cycle. You gain a higher reliability.


PRE-COCKING (gen.2*)

Victory in the game is often a matter of fractions of seconds. Thanks to PRE-COCKING, you gain a trigger reaction similar to a real gun. It allows for initial spring compression, which speeds up the trigger response significantly.
There are two PRE-COCKING MODES:

AUTO MODE – the spring is automatically compressed after each shot,

SMART MODE – slow trigger action compresses the spring, and fast trigger action fires the shot.

And three PRE-COCKING BOOST options: HIGH / MID / LOW

*Now the pre-cocking is fully operational in SEMI, BURST and AUTO modes and there is no need to set the pre-cocking boost manually

Please note: using PRE-COCKING increases wear and tear on the gearbox.


BURST (gen.2*)

The burst enables you to shoot a pre-determined number of BBs, which is very useful in MILSLIM and when using low-caps.

* There is no need to set burst time. You can easily set burst between two and 10 shots.



This enables a reduction in a gun’s rate of fire. You use stronger LiPo batteries, and still have a ROF just like in a real gun.



It allows you to change the way the ROF Control works:ON – ROF Control uses PWM to decrease ROF. Thanks to this gearbox works smoothly what decreases wear and tear of AEG internal parts.OFF – ROF Control adds breaks between shots to decrease ROF. It gives you more realistic experience.



It lets you to set delay between each SEMI shots to simulate the delay from reload or recoil. You can set 0.5s, 1s, 2s or 3s delay.



We know how vital the fast trigger response is during combat. This is why we have developed the Smart Trigger function. It enables you to achieve a faster trigger response. It works with the ROF Control System. During the first shot, the microprocessor sets the ROF Control to 100%. After the first shot, it switches to a previously programmed value (e.g. 50%). As a consequence, the first shot is fired at a full ROF, and subsequent shots at a reduced ROF. The best results can be achieved by using a battery with a higher than standard voltage. For example, if you use a 7.4V battery, you can replace it with 11.1V. In this way, you will achieve a faster trigger response with the same rate of fire as with a standard battery.Works only when ROF STAB is ON.



Enjoy two stage trigger. Activate AUG Mode and set two different trigger sensitivities. Pulling the trigger slightly produces SEMI or BURST fire and pulling the trigger further produces BURST or AUTO fire (depending on the fire selector mode).



Protection against Over-Discharge of the Battery. Modern LiPo and LiFe batteries are very sensitive to over-discharge. If you do not want to damage the battery and you care about its service life, this protection is indispensable. The microprocessor monitors the battery voltage constantly. When the voltage drops down to a critical level, it will not allow firing.

*TITAN detects the number of cells automatically. There is no need to reprogram TITAN every time you replace the battery.



When the battery voltage drops to a predefined level, the motor will vibrate at regular intervals.  



We have developed an electronic fuse with an accurate current sensor. A combination of current, voltage and temperature measurements makes your AEG installation highly reliable. It protects the MOSFET against overheating, overloading and short-circuiting. If your airsoft gun becomes jammed, the function protects the motor and battery against damage.



It automatically adjusts the motor’s braking power according to your needs. This prolongs the lifespan of the motor. There is also an option to set the motor braking power manually.



Do you want to achieve a higher ROF and faster trigger response? Are you planning a power upgrade of your gun? In that case, you need a MOSFET.

It targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, you gain a higher ROF of the gun and a faster trigger response.



This allows you to quickly check whether the drop-in module is working properly. It helps to locate where the problem lies when anything goes wrong.



Thanks to its special conformal coating, our product is resistant to atmospheric conditions (Military Specification MIL-V-173C).



The product has factory-fitted low-resistance deans-t connectors.




The drop-in module can be used with batteries up to and including 14.8V LI-PO. The minimum operating voltage is 3V and maximum is 17V.



Make your adventure start more easily with a new product. The quickstart contains basic information and hints.


TITAN has advanced optical sensors:

proximity trigger sensor

gear sensor

selector sensors

Thanks to the optical sensors we have eliminated the problem of faulty switches that can occur in competitors’ drop-in mosfets. The trigger has no mechanical connections with the PCB. This eliminates mechanical stresses and provides for high reliability.

Thanks to the gear sensor you get:

Automatic BURST – there is no need to set burst time. You can set burst between two and 10 shots;

Automatic PRE-COCKING – pre-cocking is fully operational in SEMI, BURST and AUTO mode and there is no need to set pre-cocking boost manually. You can easily set the pre-cocking as high, mid or low;

FULL CYCLE – when the pre-cocking is off, TITAN ensures that the gearbox always makes full cycles.

You can trust TITAN because:

Every time you pull the trigger, gearbox completes the correct cycle. The gears stop exactly where they should. The gearbox works efficiently.

It is protected against short-circuits, overheating and overloading

It protects the battery against over-discharge

It significantly improves battery life, rate of fire, spring life and gearbox reliability (when pre-cocking is off)

It is compatible with the strongest AEG replicas and batteries (ready to use with LiPo 14.8V, 5000 mAh, 60C)

TITAN V3 is available in two sets:

TITAN Advanced Set

The complete set version: at once you purchase all you need to take total advantage from TITAN. Advanced Set contains TITAN with ADVANCED firmware edition. 

Kit contents:

TITAN V3 Module with ADVANCED firmware (universal wiring)

USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App

USB Cables:
a) USB-A to Micro-USB (1.5m / 4ft 11in) 
b) USB-C to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in)
c) Micro-USB to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in)

Installation Kit

Quickstart Guides


TITAN Basic Module

The best if you already own the USB-Link. The Basic Module set contains TITAN with BASIC firmware edition. If you will decide to have more functions, there is always option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED.

Kit contents:

TITAN V3 Module with BASIC firmware (universal wiring)

Installation Kit

Quickstart Guide

Notice: To run and set up the TITAN, it is necessary to have the USB-Link.


TITAN V3 Installation Kit


USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App

Allows to connect TITAN to PC as well as smartphone with Android in order to use the GATE Control Station App.

Kit contents:

USB-Link for GATE Control Station App

USB Cable

Quickstart Guide

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