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Sorbothane V2/V3SOR0001


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Sorbothane V2/V3


Sorbothane pad for AEG cylinder head. It reduces V2/V3 gearbox stress, with following benefits:



Significantly increases gearbox shell lifespan, by reducing shock load


Gearbox shell is usualy made of zinc-aluminum alloy, which is not best suited for shock load which happens with every firing cycle of an AEG, especially with stronger spring (DMR). With use, gearbox shell will devlop cracks and finally front part will break off, causing a catastrophic failure to the AEG. This risk increases as the weather is colder. V2 type gearbox (M4/16, MP5, SR-25) is known to be quite prone to this failure.


Sorbothane reduces this shock load, significantly increasing gearbox lifespan.



Improves piston to gear teeth angle of engagement (AoE), considerably increasing piston lifespan


Typical AEG has a design flaw, where first sector gear tooth engages last piston tooth in a way that force is not parallel to the piston direction of travel. Instrad, part of this force stresses and deforms rear part of the piston, causing it to break over time. In extreme cases (DMR), piston will break at the first shot.


By pushing the resting position further back, piston is now in ideal spot where gear engages in a way that full force is parallel to the piston direction of travel. This significantly increases piston lifespan, even with high powered springs.





Sorbothan pad is made of 6mm thick sorbthane (hardness 70D). As sorbothane is not very abrasion resistant, piston head would wear it quickly, causing parts to enter the barrel and cause a potentially catastrophic jam. So, a 2mm polyurethane pad is used to protect the sorbothane layer.




It is recommended that sorbothane install is performed by an experienced airsoft technician, following the below procedure:


- remove existing cylinder head pad (rubber)


- degrease and roughen the cylinder head surface


- glue sorbothane pad to the cylinder head (sorbothane layer towards cylinder head, polyurethane layer towards piston)


- check angle of engagement and remove piston teeth (usually full second tooth and hald of third tooth need to be removed)


- takoe volume balancing into account, especially with shorter barreled AEGs, where cylinder port is further forward – a new type of cylinder or stronger spring might be needed


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